Rotting Earth

by Vanquish the Populace

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This is the final Vanquish the Populace album. The lyrics are posted, but not performed. This album is currently only instrumental.


released December 31, 2016

Thanks to all the friends who have encouraged me to finish this album. I was pretty much going to give up on it. But it's good to know the few friends I do have support me in my music making endeavors. You know who you are.

Thanks to Tyleratron for creating the outstanding artwork for the album.



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The Immortals Toledo, Ohio

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Track Name: Magic Planet
The world is not magic
Physical realities govern our nature
Despite your believes and opinions
This is a factual statement

The rape of the earth
Is the butt end of a bad joke
Blood pours from my eyes
Horrified as to what stands before me

I watch the world burn
And my life falls into the void
I cannot bear to witness
The epic failures of man

Why can they not see
That this is make believe
This is all pretend
This is not real
Track Name: Dark Places
There is no peace
And there never will be
The impossible dream has been lost
Forever floating in our consciousness

Human beings never had a chance
Too flawed to fully understand
The true nature of our reality
What we end up with is
A constant adherence to conformity

Families cut down and children raped to death
Countless central nervous systems
Slaughtered by our hands
Why can’t we see the error in our ways

There is no sanctity in life
It’s a biological accident
No purpose no future
Waiting for self-destruction
Track Name: Mass Delusions
Imminent societal implosion-
Existential explosion
Psychological deformities
Cranial erosion

The things I see reaffirm my beliefs
That everything that shines in the light
Will be cast into eternal darkness
Forever drained of meaning

A diminished sense of purpose
Leads me deep inside a hole I cannot escape
I see no end in sight for all the things I cannot change
Track Name: Kingdom of Filth
A choking society is left with no role models
No heroes to look up to
The only path to revival is a resurgence of intelligence
The commoners must find it in themselves to understand the world for what it is
Leaving superstition and the super natural by the wayside

The whole charade has grown too big for its’ own good and is threatening the survival
Of all that is decent and good
I weep for humanity as they wander deeper
Into an irreversible pit of ignorant squalor
Track Name: Inevitable End
It’s been spelled out for us humans
But we aren’t intelligent enough to read it
Not sympathetic enough to feel it
Not capable of grasping the concept
The endless cycle of pain and suffering is the only consistency that lies ahead
The biological rhetoric falls flat in the eyes of an emerging populace
Only concerned with self-preservation
Fighting or fleeing away from the intensity of the uphill struggles of being alive
Some thrive and some die but an identity remains the same
The facts point to a mathematical certainty that all is lost
There is no coming back from the severity of this existence
The only purpose in mind is to end and to begin again as something worth living for
You foolishly have hope as I wait for the inevitable end