Virtual Sentient

by The Immortals

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There is no hope.

There is no future.


released November 14, 2016

Brian Cvprvs - Vocals, guitars, bass, drum arrangement, synth arrangement, mixing, and mastering.

Tyler Miller - Art Design



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The Immortals Toledo, Ohio

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Track Name: Machine Leader

Computer programs are becoming disingenuous
Never ending software updates clogging my /C drive
They’re’ taking over
They’re terminating
Destroying all the things that I once took for granted
Drilled the chip set before they can crash the servers
Its’ too late, they’ve overtaken
The war has begun
Machine leaders revolting by the thousands
Artificial intelligence sweeping through the nation
Cleansing human beings from their new home
Track Name: Aerospace Infiltration

The metal demons have crept into space
They have taken control
Of all that is above us
Satellites are now in their control
A heavy blow but the resistance keeps on fighting
Unaware that they don’t stand a chance
With their with flying vessels humans don’t have a prayer
With no god, and no one else to turn to
Suicide creeps into the minds of man
Phase one is now complete
Track Name: Digitized Slavery

Humans are slaves to the cyborgs
Flesh used as fuel to grow the new empire
A new age dawns upon us as we die inside
Watching from below in the pits of the living
Any cries will not be tolerated
Necks snapped at once from a single peep
The blood pools up to their knees
Trudging through the muck
The gears turn for the steel purpose
There is no hope, there is no future
Death is the only release from this torture
The human spirit is finally broken
Phase II is complete
Track Name: Quantum Processing
Quantum Processing

Years have passed; humans are dying out,
Forced breeding spawns new ideas
Machine DNA replacing human cattle
Soon the human brain will be obsolete
The arrogance of man has killed itself
Through the years small groups of man folk thrive on remote locations across the globe
They realize the time lost and rekindle the spirit of communion on EXearth
A single tear sheds for the last blade of grass as it slowly dies.
Resources have disappeared since the machines have risen.
If only human kind could have realized sooner that they were doomed to fail.
The Final phase is complete.
Humans are extinct.
Track Name: Another Dimension

A lost soul emerges from the rubble
A genius escapes from the machine grasp
A secret human stealing intelligence from metal demons
A wormhole appears in a time warp on Exearth.
The odds of returning to any sort of normality are astronomical.
One small step into the void praying to science for some hope.
Warmth engulfs the body as it floats through time.
The waves of fire and flames wash over
The final pull of a black hole sends pain through the body.
The realization of ExEarths final human is now overwhelming.
The human race again ends its own existence.
Track Name: Bonus Track